Red Apple, established in 1989 by the Designer Ertuğrul Salgın, is a corporation which gets stronger by the power of its brand, always aims the future standards, leads the innovations and takes the customer satisfaction in the first plan of its activity.
Offering a good service to our customers, responding their expectations with our quality, continuing the responsibility for our product during the after sale phase and being always near our customers for fulfilling their expectations is our first priority.

Red Apple, since the day of establishment until nowadays continues being a company which produces and sells its products by being respectful to ethical values and by operating in conformity with the commercial rules, which handles its responsibilities and carries out its activity in the most correct manner while representing our country in either domestic or foreign markets.

Red Apple is using the inputs of distinguished global brands during its production and purchase process. It attaches great importance to ecological testing. The most important feature that distinguishes our company from other companies in its sector, is the superior quality of the fabrics used for the production. Fabric quality is the most important issue in the activity of our company.
We are particularly using lycra and twist (3-way lycra) for our productions. In the category of cotton fabrics we are mainly used anti-allergen and breathable fabrics. We never use products or even components of Far East origin, which have not passed from the relevant quality tests.