Higly inspired by the harmony of colors, Rabia Gülşah Salgın has been passionate about painting since her childhood

She always painted and dressed up women together with the abstract paintings.

Tottaly attracted by the beauty of nature, glitter, different touch of fabrics, she decorates her women freely.

These paintings, beautiful color harmonies are now used as fabrics in Red Apple and also the silhouettes are applied on Red Apple jackets, sweats etc.

Her Innate love for colors and her imagination is used while creationg new  range of Red Apple collection, which is actually the starting point of the brand back in 1989…

Totally hand made

prints are applied on

Red Apple products and

they are embellished one

by one. Many different


are used to create very

unique designs

All paintings have their own names and they
all tell a story about the beauty of nature.
When combined with Red Apple materials, it's
just a Love Story...


Hand Made
Painted Designs