Istanbul, 1989, Red Apple story started.

Red Apple was founded by designer Ertuğrul Salgın
who was highly impressed by the beauty, eternity,
color harmony and the incredible art of the nature.

He dreamed of expressing the beauty of the unique
species of the nature through fashion by using
colorful fabrics, Swaroski crystals and with such
materials with quality combination.

That's how Red Apple was born.

Headquarted in Istanbul, inspired by the nature
Red Apple presents exclusive fashion with outstanding
colors, crystal designs and with high quality every
season to its customers.


Red Apple is a cooperation which gets stronger by
the power of its brand, always aims the future
standards, leads the innovations and takes the
customer satisfaction in the first plan of its activity.

Offering a good service to our customers,
responding their expectations with our quality,
continuing the responsibility for our product during 
the after sale phase and being always near our customers 
for fulfilling their expectations is our first priority.


Red Apple, since the day of establishment until
nowadays continues being a company which
produces and sells its products by being respectful to
ethical values and by operating in conformity with the
commercial rules, which handles its responsibilities
and carries out its activity in the most correct
manner while representing our country in either
domestic or foreign markets.

Red Apple is a brand for women.

Red Apple applies to all women who follows fahion, who are innovative
and who aim to feel chique and powerful all the time.

Shining Elegance and Jean Couture are one of the words that describe the
brand best. Unique designs are made with Swaroski and with other unique
materials by our designers.

Red Apple has <Must Have> Quality standarts that it
highly sticks to since the most important thing for
the brand is to be reliable in terms of the product
quality, to serve the fashion with the same quality,
standards to audience all the time.

When a customer wears one of our clothes, she gets
used to it and our product becomes a Must Have for
her due to its elegance, comfort and high quality.

The accessories used on our products are all
"hand made" embellished with very high quality
crystals and beads. We offer privileged designs
created uniquely...

Women aged between 17-65 who love to be unique,

for whom the quality comes in the first place can 

find something to wear in

Red Apple.

Women who want to feel younger are our customers as well... Red Apple.

Red Apple has a very wide product range; especially

speacialised in jean, trousers, body, outerwear, and

track suit production


Red Apple is using the inputs of distinguished

global brands during its production and purchase


It attaches great importance to ecological testing.

The most important feature that distinguishes our

company from other companies in its sector, is the

superior quality of the fabrics used for the 



Fabric quality is the most important issue in the activity

or our company.

We are particularly using lycra and twist (3-way lycra)

for our productions. In the category of cotton

fabrics we are mainly used anti-allergen and breathable fabrics

We never use products or even components that

have not passed from the revelant quality tests.

We really care about our franchise partners and we don't want

them to face with pubescence, fading and stretching complaints

that would coma from customers so we work with

guarenteed materials.